About us

The goal of the UA Campus Pantry is to reduce food insecurity in our Wildcat Community. At our distribution events, students and staff can grab important food staples at no cost. All you need is your CatCard!

The mission of the UA Campus Pantry is to alleviate hunger in the UA Wildcat community by providing food assisstance to those in need.

UA Campus Pantry was first chartered in the spring of 2012, along with a small group of student volunteers with a passion for serving the University of Arizona students and staff members. Furthermore, the UA Campus Pantry has been committed to helping students who suffer from food insecurity, gain access to the numerous resources that have been accumulated by this non-profit organization. In addition to the pantry, this organization has auxiliary programs to provide additional resources to students including a Nutrition Program and a Community Education Program.

The UA Campus Pantry contributes to an environment of growth and encouragement supporting students in pursuit of a higher education and a healthier lifestyle through community strengthening, partnering, and student leadership. Donated food includes overproduced or discontinued items, frozen foods, dairy products, mislabeled goods, dented cans, day-old breads and pastries, and odd-sized produce. Individuals, businesses, on-campus organizations, and community organizations around the city of Tucson, support the UA Campus Pantry through various canned food drives throughout the year.

The UA Campus Pantry is a 501c3, non-profit organization addressing food insecurity within the Wildcat community

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