The UA Campus Pantry is a 503(c)3 nonprofit started in 2012 to address the presence of food insecurity on the University of Arizona campus. The UA Campus Pantry is committed to helping students, faculty, and staff (anyone with a Cat Card) who are in need of food assistance due to financial and other situational reasons. The mission of UA Campus Pantry is to alleviate hunger in the UA Wildcat community by providing food assistance to those in need.

The UA Campus Pantry serves anyone with a Cat Card. This includes student, faculty, and staff at the University of Arizona. Please contact uofacampuspantry@gmail.com if you have any further questions. 

There are two ways to get in contact with the UA Campus Pantry. The best option is to email uofacampuspantry@gmail.com. The UA Campus Pantry also has a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/uacampuspantry/ where you can send private message with your inquiry.

The UA Campus Pantry has an internship program which allows students to get involved with the UA Campus Pantry, learn how small nonprofits operate, and receive school credit. The UA Campus Pantry offers the internship program and accepts applications each semester. Please contact uofacampuspantry@gmail.com if you are interested in our internship opportunities or have any further questions. 

You can get involved with the UA Campus Pantry in a few different ways. The UA Campus Pantry is completely supplied with food through donations from UA clubs, UA organizations, as well as community organizations. This requires food drives and donations from students and/or community members. If you would like to conduct a food drive please contact uofacampuspantry@gmail.com for more information.

The UA Campus Pantry accepts individual donations as well. Please contact the UA Campus Pantry via our email uofacampuspantry@gmail.com or message the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/uacampuspantry/ to set up a time to drop off your donations at one of our storage locations.

You can also volunteer at UA Campus Pantry distributions. This will involve various activities depending on what is needed at the time. Please contact uofacampuspantry@gmail.com for more details on how specifically you or your organization can get involved with distributions and other operations and activities.

Please follow the UA Campus Pantry Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/uacampuspantry/ to stay updated on everything that is happening with the UA Campus Pantry. 

All you need to use the pantry is your Cat Card. The UA Campus Pantry asks no further questions or takes record of personal information. The UA Campus Pantry is committed to maintaining your privacy. Please contact uofacampuspantry@gmail.com if you have any concerns. 

The UA Campus Pantry is located downstairs in the Student Union across from the Esports Arena and the Catcard office. Please message the UA Campus Pantry Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/uacampuspantry/ or email uofacampuspantry@gmail.com if you have any further questions on where we are located. 

Campus Pantry Directions

The Campus Pantry is located on level 1 of the Student union in the Sonora Room which is  located across the cat card office and next to Wells Fargo. The pantry is accessible by the elevator on level 2 of the student union. This elevator is located on the east side of the union across from Core and the USS Arizona Memorial Lounge Lounge. Below are images describing the above locations. 

Image shows elevator on Level 2 of Pantry

Elevator on level 2 of pantry, across from the USS Arizona Memorial Lounge


Image shows Campus Pantry Entrance

The Campus Pantry Entrance on Level 1 of the Student Union (The Sonora Room)

If you have any questions or access concerns you can contact us through email at: uofacampuspantry@gmail.com

Additionally you can message us through or social media including facebook and instagram: @uacampuspantry 

The campus pantry staff will do our best to accommodate any specific needs or requests for assistance